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Foam Seal is an ITW owned company. ITW is a leading developer and producer of urethane foam systems since 1968. As an early pioneer in the application of urethane foams, Foam Seal is now the holder of several patents and process trademarks in this field. Foam Seal is currently supplying a wide range of urethane products for many uses in the automotive, manufactured housing, sports equipment, marine insulation and buoyancy, recreational vehicle, tolling and infrastructure markets.

The Foam Seal Hurricane Protection system originally came from the product F2100. The Foam Seal F2100 product has been used for years and is now used in over 95% of manufactured houses produced in the United States. The foam helps hold the homes structure together during transport, and to increase overall strength of the home. The Foam Seal SF2100 product is a cost effective method for bonding sheathing to the trusses while creating a water-tight seal.

Foam Seal SF2100 was first introduced in Florida. Active hurricane seasons, endorsements from State funded programs, and large discounts from insurance companies all helped to contribute to success in the state. Foam Seal America is the nation wide distributor of the Foam Seal SF2100 product and we are now trying to bring this unique product to potential dealers and homeowners in the many hurricane prone areas of the country. If you are interested in selling the product or becoming a dealer please visit our Dealer Page. If you are interested in the product for your home or business please Contact Us and we will direct you to the closest authorized dealer to provide the Foam Seal Hurricane Adhesive.

Every hurricane that strikes land produces millions of dollars of losses due to roof system failures.  Major problems will continue to exist for building owners, occupants and insurance companies if effective mitigation steps are not taken to reduce these loses.  Until recently, effective mitigation options to strengthen and waterproof existing roof systems have been very limited.

To help reduce losses, building codes were changed by revising nailing patterns to increase uplift resistance of the roof sheathing.  Significant attention is given to "load path" adequacy and the use of "clips and straps" is quite common in hurricane prone areas now.  However, the new codes do not address roof deck waterproofing.

The big problem is the existing inventory of vulnerable single family, multifamily and condominiums that are in hurricane prone coastal states from Texas to New England.  In Florida, for example, more than 80% of the state's 18 million population lives within 5 miles of the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean.  Additionally, there are thousands of commercial buildings in the same "strike zone" that represent even greater potential for losses.

In the 110-year period between 1886 and 2004, 158 hurricanes made landfall in the United States.  The 1970s and 1980s were low hurricane activity years; at the same time population growth in the hurricane prone areas from Texas to New England has increased at unprecedented rates.

Forecasters are now predicting a 20-year period of more intense storms with greater frequency.

Recent hurricanes taught us that existing structures might not withstand the next hurricane to make landfall.  Therefore, mitigation of existing structures is paramount in reducing future losses.

Proper protection of the roof, doors and windows is forecasted to reduce losses approximately 50%.  The time to act is NOW!  The single most cost effective measure in reducing losses is the application of Hurricane Foam Seal Adhesive.

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